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Going out of town and can’t find a friend or relative to take care of your pets? Are you uncomfortable with the idea of leaving your pet at a kennel or cattery? Taddy’s has just the solution for you: Our pet sitting, dog walking and home visit services.

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, And In-home Pet Care Services in Dallas, TX

Being away from you is always difficult for your dog or cat, but our pet sitting and home visits make the separation so much easier. Your pets can stay in the comfort of their own home while you’re away, and continue with their daily routines, such as daily walking.  With Taddy’s pet care services, your pets will have their own familiar surroundings to help them stress less.

Our professionally trained and experienced dog walkers and pet sitters will feed and/or medicate your pets on their usual schedule, sticking to the routine they’re accustomed to. We offer dog walking services to accommodate you while on business or vacation.  Also, we can brush your pet’s coat, scoop or clean the litter box, clean birdcages or reptile cages, and other pet care and maintenance.

And to top it all off, our pet sitters can look after your home while you’re away – very much like the way a friend would. When we come to visit and care for your pets, we’ll check on your home’s security – plus we can collect the mail and newspapers and bring them inside, water your plants, open or close your blinds and turn the lights on or off. We can also turn the TV on or off, as well as making other little alterations to give your house the appearance of someone being home.

Our home visit services are available 365 days a year, 24/7 – and they’re not just for dogs and cats. We can also look after your birds, fish, reptiles and other small animals while you’re away. We even offer emergency key delivery. And we’ll provide regular updates via text or email, so you’ll know exactly how everything’s going on the home front from day to day.

So next time you need to travel out of town, put that dog carrier or cat carrier away and call Taddy’s Pet Services Inc. to look after your pets in your home. You’ll come home to a happier, less stressed-out pet!

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